Video & TV (Page under construction)

It has long been my ambition to produce a TV series on boating in the Pacific North West. We have one 42 minute episode in the can and enough footage to form the basis of at least 2 more episodes. At present I am looking for sponsors to help fund the project and will give full details to interested parties. Suffice it to say, it could be at least as popular as “Wings over Canada” and have an abundance of local content, characters and scenery.

Recently I have expanded my horizons and invested in HD camera equipment, and will take on projects connected with the water. Meanwhile I am working on being able to provide clips of some of these projects on this site, so STAND BY! I have however been commission by boat brokers to showcase their products and services on the internet, (one of which is on the main Media page, but it is NOT the final product and just a test to see what they look like when heavily compressed for the web)

Icebergs of the Arabian Gulf

The third year of shooting on the “Icebergs of the Arabian Gulf” project will bring the project to a close early 2012.



CTV cameraman Bruce, shoots from the top of the doghouse of the Perihelion. The making of a TV series on the Gulf Islands




So far, amongst others mentioned above, I have made documentaries of:

Sailing in Dubai aboard a HOT race boat with Russell Coutts




Dhow racing off the coast of Dubai (43 footers)





Sailing single handed aboard Perihelion on the Strait of Georgia

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Racing single handed in English Bay




Sailing to Hawaii aboard a 40’ boat.





I have made a documentary on Dubai as a city in 2005 as it was rising out of the sand and ocean.




And I have made a short trailer on the TV project, but have miles of footage of the Gulf Islands and surrounding waters.