Evan Seys

What do you want to know?

Here is a man who has an intimate knowledge of the sea and the boats that float on it having sailed for some 55 years in everything from pram Mirror dinghies to his own 62 foot ketch Perihelion and even raced with Russell Coutts aboard an RC44 rocket-ship in Dubai. (Check out the article “Sailing with the Stars”)

He has been across the North Atlantic 45 times as a professional mariner and navigation officer, and across to Hawaii in a 40 foot sailboat, and has sailed in almost every good cruising ground in the world with the exception of the far East, and he is still wanting to tackle that one day if they can get rid of the pirates!

He has owned and operated his own marina selling power boats such as Thundercraft, Cooper Yachts and Regal Boats and has years of experience with both single and twin screw configurations, so he knows what makes a good boat. He has even raced hydroplanes in his time.

So, if it’s experience you want, Evan has it. He has set out to share some of his knowledge with you in this website, and to give you an insight into what makes a good boat under “Sea Trials”. At the same time, he will make you smile and sometimes cry with his “Tales of the Sea” that are all based on his real life experiences out there in one boat or another. As a photographer and film maker he has included some of his work in “Gallery”*

Evan was born in North Bay, Ontario in 1945 but was raised in the UK. He spent 2 years in Australia and New Zealand before finally settling here on the West Coast on Canada. He is happy to give personal advice if you contact him by email. Be it on what boat to buy, or how to sail it. Talk to him.

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