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  • Where To Go To Get Things Done

    This page will fill as I get input from boaters who find good people to do good and reasonable work in the time they say they will, and check out how to clean your heat exchangers at the bottom: REFRIGERATION … Continue reading

  • Tom and Chris – MV Belle

    Evan, We had a WONDERFUL trip to Princess Louisa.  Cloudy on the way in but spectacular the day we were there and the next day on our way out. Thank you for advising us about the mooring balls, we scored … Continue reading


    I have just FINALLY found the time to sit down and read some of the rants, and there couldn´t be a better name for them. I have needed to laugh lately for various personal reasons, and reading through the rants … Continue reading

  • Which boat to buy as a commuter boat from the Islands?

    Hello Evan! Enjoyed your website.  We just moved to Gambier Island from Ladner.  We need a boat that our two oldest (13, 15) and I can to commute to West Vancouver in for school.  A hardtop aluminum Harbercraft with a … Continue reading